I don’t give you all or the world to satan, I was personally stolen in grad school by pure evil……We Can Get REAL, BEYOND ETERNAL FOR YOUR PUNISHMENTS THAT LAST, for those attacking the 3d mammals from the 4th hacked plane. How is Bloody Gina? ***Bags of dicks, slaps her with*** Ya like that huh, Old Whore (maybe literal for my terabytes of mental terror of 15ish years in illegal hells on earth) BloodyG, ya’ gangster witch! You are fucking with beyond eternal outside the cosmos, ho, for goatz. Love those sheep, the REAL Christians. Not with her, I slap bloody G across the cosmos and from outside the quantum computer cosmos we are already in, she is up for punishments that last, beyond eternal or I was lied to. Christian Heaven is eternal, that is just a long time I was told and don’t even believe in it. Rewards that last are longer than that. Satan anti christ system devils, toids EMF losers got a magnitude ego problem. My video pissed them all off. I did good, will post below.

The reposts are raw I don’t give you all to satan and I don’t refuse your women, I was being brainwashed & they keep EMF gang stalking my home, my chackras (sp) abused. They hacked this website and me and…..TI’d. Stingray’d and a whole bunch of other satanism. The dark web itself is a reason to end the quantum computer cosmos or universe or galaxy or solar system REALLY, and the literal sun is dying I hear too. May do a white dwarf thing.