Author: TimDYoungBSMPA5

I've been a synthetic telepathy TI slave with tech literally in hell since Bush election time '04; learned how to escape earth & want to pass on the info. You would do the same for me peer humans, much love! Forgive any mess ups fighting off demonic possessions in writing in that past, that really wasn't me. I am actually very wholesome and good & reptoids mimic me, nano thieve, gang stalkers, DEW attack, set up attempts, feds lie. I get played by the reptoids & AI, psy op lies. I may never watch TV much at all, it's undue influence. Project mockingbird reacts to the nano in my body, is used for brain washing, deep grades of sin, tv works on or off. I hate satanism. Evacuate earth after you die, peace. Aware truther TI. I'm being slow kill exterminated, #cointelpro feds & reptilian exterminated at the same time they falsely accuse. Satanic mimics, misdirects, mocking, nano thievery, disrespect, topping, mocking, pride, mind and body direct energy rapes, TI torture. They are not God, I really never was. Reptilian may hate me like they do David Icke and dishonor the human race, that is an understatement. That is who stole all my honor & there EMF & human form gang stalkers, the devil race, proxy fights too, they were used for. Never come here, anyone. I don't want you more than you dont want me b/c of all the nano satanism rnm v2k. I have no intellectual property rights. None. The USA is satan, nsa, cia, fbi & on & on. I never was satan. It stole, cointelpro'd, cia projected at, space forced. It's bad for TI. Period. I never had God, I had psi op parasites. I'd like justice but cointelpro is all about the obstruction of that for targeted individuals. Go ask Bloody Gina new head of the CIA. We need a direct energy weapons ban. I get treated like food, less than human as a T.I. They feed on my suffering literal & then lie like I am a reptilian or baf. I'm getting schooled. One man up against like trillions in satanism. Snakes will not let me breed too, oh and there really was no other world but you still want to get out, not in. I kinda helped inspire the newspaper comment section in '04. War crimes? Me too in rnm v2k ect. Dying everyday, state sponsored satanism on us. Same plot to enslave.