And my perps fake they are Jesus, or the God of the Jew, or the Mormon and it’s these same Howard Circle types….They bounce off sati-lights & follow me. I’m no Jesus….


B/c I am a top 1 percent-er in matters of the mind satanic mimics, nano thieves, satanic misdirects of my work to them, satanic toppers who are basically these same types of people, they are hacking into the transit systems and shit, psych wards, to like kill me and fake they are Jesus literally off my image and name and I’m the real man and I am none of those things. It’s bizarre, their meth and heroine habits fuel my synthetic telepathy hells.

About 5 million of them in 2019 USA population estimates and 1.5 million TI like Kevin and I out of Blackwater estimates out of Seattle perp side who jumped ship but took their data.