Problem Reaction Solution Heads up.

Hostile fake claiming to be a marine with ears that look like vaginas, housed with me. The Constitution forbids this, he’s clearly loyal to satan as you can see between oak an wallut, did you see the face on that look the other day?

No, I don’t want him fucked in the ear with #v2k or me or anyone.  “Read” something, if that it’s real name it another satanic set design set up. I will post a photo. If folks really are up for rewards and punishments that last what is playing Read will never stop regretting these last few weeks. If it’s a mammal it may be being EMF replaced to harm the real “Read”.

This is what they do, impersonate a person, do horrible things in their image as a EMF gang stalker or reptilian or other satanist, then the real mammal takes to attack back, blow back, all the negativity. Does that make sense?

Bush, myself and the queen of England if we are all mammals have too much in common for my comfort zone in this reguard (sp). I’m not even a head of state & Bush was classy not to blame me the mammal I heard along the way. He’s really a mammal too pretty sure & I was rendered to forgive my anti christ for this & I don’t even trust my own death rites so……I’m gonna dinamite (sp) my head on Buddhist Holy Ground by Lake Oswego Oregon where I grew up in the next 30 years, June 5 some day, my b day. I will film it, read to you, for protest and you really need to know I’m dead when I die, so not going to do it on the pacific, you can look at blood samples, ect. There will be no dental record. I have to destroy my sense organs to NOT take any chances at moments of death. A bardo is a sliver of time the head LIVES A LONG TIME during the dying process and the nanos intends to enslave past one life for me, likely all of you clandstine (sp) distributed through chem trails I fear also.

Don’t clone me as threatened. They likely will anyway after or before I get back out them black swiss cheese holes in space. If this is second earth I’m ending over cloning alone, so may good holy reasons to shut it all down IMHO and them giving out rewards and punishments that last if I wasn’t lied to. Double Blind study I don’t care if I am in control or experiment group anymore. Their quality of life is more important than existance (sp) itself. I don’t often get what I want, much the opposite as a TI and I have so much lie and propaganda coming at me, it’s bad! Understatement.