I’m under a lot of pressure & don’t like what I write, often, or read it again and I’m being tortured. So, forgive me.

TI Tactics I am restricted to one internet tag that still shows up, tim d young bs mpa, and I and working to tag the posts, some I am ashamed I even wrote b/c the torture in hell literally right now as I have been since ’04 makes me angry, and I write angry. Most nights I sleep in the void, tortured too much waking hours it’s a defense mechanise (sp). I haven’t dreampt much in 15 years of this hell in the spring of 2019.  It’s great for me, breaks in the void. At a hospital the brain computer interface raped me in a dream in a double maybe triple sex crime. Hospital staff joked about Stewie Griffen when I brought up Todd Griffin who was exposing the crime on twitter also. He’s also being raped, it’s never in a good way qualatative (sp) and quantatative (sp) analysis done. Rape that is. Rape is NOT GOOD. Good at being bad, is also not good and you are not even good at it frankly EMF cons, cowards, parasites, low self esteem wastes of space who over compinsate (sp).

@counterdarkness and @deepthoughtnewsvine and I and others, being censored, bad.