The #Oregonian & I, circa 2009, 11th month if I am not mistaken Simpsons Fans….MkUltra? No! You made me the worst kind of slave for the slave. They had weeks after submission to print so the mortals could catch up. Stay in the moment. Which delay am I in? 5,000 forward or backward to magnitudes of that?

Rethinking spectrum

Political views are often described on a spectrum with one side being “left” and one “right.” Political views can be more accurately thought of as set within a 3-D donut shape where some ends of the spectrum wrap around and connect at times. It is a dynamic concept. People of differing parties or beliefs can sometimes agree and actually work together.

Try visualizing it some time and think about all the people you know of differing political view points and how they are hard to fit in one end of a political spectrum all the time.

Southwest Portland (Oregonian) Posted November 16, 2009

Shape of the universe theory (hard sciences)

Doughnut universe

Rings, marry who?

Apple Core Universe