Title page of my website they hide from search engines to censor me and fool you.

Don’t Go To The White Tunnel of Light Soul Trap of Reincarnation After You Die (How to Save Yourself and go to Heavenly Planes)

My voices to skull synthetic telepathy parasite satanists through the cones and rods images on my eyes could not bestow a world to me or anyone, or through the brain computer interface I have been illegally tortured by for nearly 15 years.

It’s a huge con.

Simply they lie about just about everything. They fake Jesus and Jewish and Mormon and whatever name, but it’s all just satanism & the same plot to enslave every man woman and child. I’m being slow kill exterminated, #cointelpro feds & reptilian exterminated at the same time they falsely accuse. I have Satanic mimics, misdirects, mockers, nano thieves, am satanically disrespect, satanically toped and not just in my head, a survivor of EMF and Reptilian Humanoid Satanic pride, have mind and body direct energy raped, and other Targeted Individual torture.

My black swiss cheese hole exits which no slavery v2k gang stalker and/or mind control slaver will tell you about, got confirmed by a number of good sources.

The #V2k #RNM and #BCI satanists attacking me, are no better than the perps in Kevin Christian’s Atlanta neighborhood. Electro Magnetic Form and frequency (fake people but real seeming and actually a real human in another location taking on the form of anyone they want) gang stalkers and others are sub human, a national security threat, criminals against creation and civilization itself.

They can’t even get off the meth or do anything good. No, they can’t give you or me or anyone a world but there are nearly unlimited world’s of all kinds out the black swiss cheese holes, we all more or less came through at some point anyway.

I am voting for the whack a mole committee approach to all EMF gang stalkers, CIA and mind control slavers; they deserve punishments that last. You on the other hand deserve rewards that last. Please read and watch below.

They tried to kill me before the info was given (and corroborated) through sincere altruism on my part. I’m a good man, an applied idealist, Buddhist and seek non reincarnation and am very against synthetic telepathy mind control slavery.


Psi Ops Researcher and Expert: @CounterDarkness on twitter

Website: https://www.counterdarkness.org

#ReptilianHumanoids Researcher and Expert: @davidicke on Twitter

Website: https://www.davidicke.com

#NanoAI #v2k #RNM #BCI computers connecting to humans or #transhumanism Researcher and Expert:

@DeepThoughtNews on Twitter

Website: https://deepthoughtnews.wordpress.com

Escape Earth After Death Corroborating Researcher and Expert: Wes Penre

Website: http://www.wespenre.com

Targeted Individual Research: http://targetedindividualsua.weebly.com/

I hate religion especially satanism, complex satanism. I’m being exterminated and my sex organs attacked for 5 years, use high powered magnets around private parts for protection. Their goal for any TI is homeless suicide, it’s cointelpro and trillions in satanism & federal projects not just “my neighbors”. Also you can get bio hacking software off the dark web for your cell phone and direct energy weapons are being used on many Americans.

These are psi ops and those are full of cohersive lies. Shape shifters been following me around for years real or faked reptilian, most faked, and they are protecting magnitudes of trillions in human trafficking and nano slavery.

I was lied to I do not lie and would like justice. They keep us poor tortured and enslaved. They mimic me, steal my work and words and honor through remote neural monitoring and other computer and synthetic mean and give it to EMF gang stalkers & reptilian secretly. I’m a Buddhist Christian by nature DNA threat to their satanism, so they won’t allow me to breed. I refuse to lead the humans to hell. I live there now, they lie about what and where it is. I can’t save you but have a few ideas on how you save yourself.

Question: How do you ruin the human condition in crimes worse than genocide with less than 6 or so words and a 3rd graders vocabulary? You don’t want the spiritual AIDS, remote neural monitoring, voice to skull tech, nano ai infections/human abuse tech that you would rather have an arm off or lobotomy than endure.

In a 1,000 words, since 2004 my life has been basically the following photos. The reptilian were mostly EMF faked and it is what is happening to me and many other TIs.

It’s tech not spiritual actually, fakers, cohesive, fakers. It’s not just mental illness but spiritual slavery past one life, study instant death to avoid getting mislead at moments f death if you are paranoid, infected and precarious like me. I may dynamite my whole head in protest and for freedom. It’s crimes against creation, worse than Hitler and genocide the rnm, v2k, nano tech, transhumanism problems ect and NOT just in my head.

It’s only masked as mental illness, there never was a problem with my biology or blood, DNA and they are exterminating us in slow kills. There really was no other world that was a lie I was told in psi ops and retold on social media while under mind control. All this is terrorism at me and Oregon, the USA and world; same plot to enslave every man woman and child. No “religion” will save us.



The reptoids who get high off human suffering (feed) access our minds and bodies illegally with tech and it’s literally hell on earth, negative energy feeding, involving the pituitary glad. I get fed off and they steal my thought too. And they fake demonic possession to discredit TIs.

I choose blanket forgiveness for all mammal human peers and here is a solid plan B that never changes in the video on how to save yourself linked above. I love you peer mammal humans. They USA did not have God & invented satan instead I am convinced. I’m leaving earth after death, I never was satan, satanic, an anti christ or anything bad.

I’ve been made a mind control nano slave and God never damned me. It was the feds and others, synthetically.

At moments of death if you are infected with spiritual slavery tech like I am and have a nano infection, remote neural monitored, voice to skull argeted individual, a victim of the spiritual slavery crimes against creation and fear getting mislead in the dream world bardo state of mind, fear getting tricked into reincarnation on the moon, Saturn, the sun or otherwise I am personally considering dynamite to the whole head or lots of electrical energy for death. A bardo is a sliver of a moment, head lives a long time while dying & snakes & others may mislead you to 4th plane/frequency/dimension.

I don’t want that and plan to study star charts like to Andromeda or to live with the grays maybe, rise above this hellish life. It may be as simple as just going up and out of the solar system regardless of rnm v2k nano ai infection I should say also.

I want to be free, saved and I think that means evacuating earth after we die one by one though the black swiss cheese hole structures around the criminal compound solar system. You were never the criminals, the reptoids and others (aliens, AI, etc) taking advantage of you in 3d forms and 5 senses were.

The spiritual slavery system started in the US under the guise of national pride, parts of the UK circa 2017 allegedly infected and frankly anything religious is just a distraction from the nuts and bolts issues. I have parasites, it’s not an over use of the term. I’m not God and they never were. This is prisoner for satanic gods not you. They can replace people just for moments without us knowing and posses people with tech without them knowing.

Reptoids and other aliens get high off your suffering (negative energy directly from the penial gland allegedly) and deny you the energy/love you have normally in full inter-dimensional form, I understand.

The only solution is to evacuate one by one after death, it’s a plot to enslave every man woman and child. You don’t have to come. The boomers may recall that historical quote. I’m on the side of just 3d 5 sense folks and scientists that don’t even study these fields that feel it’s time to abandon earth even from their perspectives.

If it’s bad and about me it is a lie, they even tried to project monarch me and of course that is not going to work. I’m not and never was a sex criminal or criminal, and they are killing off a holy line arguably. I’m fairly brilliant in some areas, naturally smart, well educated and a little wiser. But this is about all of us, not just a fairly cool nerd from the north west.

They are trying to make an obtuse and malevolent God out of the surveillance but it’s really satanism. I have satanic mimics, satanic toppers, nano thieves, satanic misdirects, the gang stalkers use satanic repeaters & suggest for brainwashing, satanic mockers and nano thrived from. I’m an MkUltra tortured slave, gang stalked, remote mural monitored, they want a no touch kill of me and my family has been attacked. I am exposed to all kinds of satanic pride and ironically am a victim of satanic disrespect (victim not perp). They steal all my honor and make sure I am disrespected and lied about. I am actually rather good, deep state attacks and mockingbird is misleading through media and music. Chakra tortures and other unholy deeds I have endured. Found a means of escape too after I die, wanted to pass it on. I won’t go to hell, I live their now artificially bio hacked. You want to leave earth. You want to get out NOT, in. In is into a gang of stalkers, they never say what they really mean.

I’ve dealt with these crimes against creation for 14 years approaching 39 but over the last two years or so project mockingbird was introduced on all the radio and tv. I even hear video games about over a year ago, people are being mislead. None of it is God. I won’t even watch TV. The tech in my body interacts with mockingbird and it tries to brain wash, mislead, use undue influence. The NSA satanism works with the TV unplugged FYI, never sleep in front of one, consider taking it out of house. The psychosis, spiritual slavery tech is off planet criminal spiritual slavery technology and the reptilian humanoid agenda is my understanding. I was briefed of their invasion in 2013.

For information on research on the species in question, please refer to David Icke. For information on psychological operations with real life consequences I should add, research counter darkness on Twitter and his website. For analysis of the computer science component of all of this and humans, check out deep thought news on transhumanism. A man named Wes P. and others know how to evacuate after death and further, there is a link on being a targeted individual like myself. The Swiss Cheese holes exists in the structure of the universe around earth after death I have confirmed by three sources. It’s how we got in here. I’ve been direct energy EMF gangstalker raped for 5 years and rnm and v2k tortured and worse for 14 years in 2018. All TI infected should consider instant death to the head at death to avoid endless slavery after and at moments of death.

You deserve better, and are better off evacuating after death. Elon Musk * Stephen Hawkings + a fairly cool nerd from Lake Oswego = We need to GTFO off Earth after death and never look back. It’s not hard to get off earth prison, they want you think it is – it isn’t. If they say they are my God or anything especially after I die, RUN, don’t walk away, the are parasite satanic low live dark energy feeders reptilian who mimic me or gang stalkers just faking reptilian. I never had a God in reality. The 4d and 5th dimensions feed of your suffering and all kinds of spiritual and sexual perversions and the gang stalkers call that heaven. It’s actually a dreamland (nightmare) hellscape from what I understand; a baby raping, super violent paradise for the reptoids and as you can image hell for the holy. Women get taken there, tech damned and abused is my understanding. CIA disclosures have allegedly confirmed the soul trap at the moon. I’m not trying to change the reptoids they always win, I’m just one TI. I just don’t want to share a planet with them, wicked smart in no good ways. Only play dumb! Their accumulated civilization’s handle on genetics alone, terrifying frankly.

We are kept to vulnerable and manipulable in the frankly criminal 3d forms. I’m gonna bail and you may never actually know it. Is hard data to collect souls that swiss cheese it out of here, I won’t be sending post cards if you get my drift. You DO not have to follow me.

Same plot to enslave every man woman and child.