@Potus needs an #InternetOffSwitch #FEMA #EmergencyPlanners & Redundant Systems to keep civilization going B/C of #EMFGangStalker #AI Invasions & Mor threats to humanity

– Hey #AnonFM ect its me ya, fanboy, sometimes regulator & a literal man from room 5 (I am a real Domestic in my own country POW non consensual human experiment) as a nearly 15 years tortured TI. That was a movie and I need to be real serious about this discussion, some of you may not agree with me but in quantitative and qualitative master of public administration reasons values and virtues I am correct. We need an internet off switch and redundant systems.

I am older than the internet, and some aren’t and never will be able to say that again generation to generation. #TheInternetIsMakingTheKidsDepressed

#CypressHill #WhenTheShitGoesDown

In the word surveillance, cloaked, spells the world evil.

What is evil? A Dimond Plates Standard definition of that one word, 4 letters right here —— Evil is….