Corroborated and fuck you for asking, they can keep it, earth and YOU and no I do no give a shit if you leave also. I’m leaving to escape the transhuman satanism & all that you have done NOT having God and inventing satan instead. Lear and I are ready, many of you may not be ready for them black swiss cheese holes. And I don’t care, not my problem ya big babies. It’s for the adults. You really may not be one even at 70. Truly. He was my anti Christ for this, the second Bush. He’s out of office & what is trillions in satanism is still here. So fuck you too and whoever you are listening to at night is a dangerous fraud. It’s a small group, this gang of stalkers & I’m just a TI. They are half truth liars and other satanism. They get paid to attack the TIs. That is ALL I am to the feds, one TI. No religion will save you, nuts and bolts same plot to enslave ever man woman and child.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUz-BfAKo3k&feature=youtu.be – corroborated information, ancient & good on leaving Earth after death.