I’m not Mormon but they are lying to harm you all America that I was. This is state sponsored satanism at me and all the other targeted Individual & I strongly feel in general, religion is for stupid people & Jesus really is a lie and that is corroborated.

I’m Buddhist, helped me survive the torture. You are just recycled though the moon after memory wipes & there was no world for my handler and gang stalkers brainwashing me in my mind to bestow. They are heroine addicts and meth heads voice to skulling me, are not God. I never had a God or future problems I had current gang stalking problems. Voice to skull is not God. Remote neural monitoring is not enlightenment. Evac after death. The tragedy for me is I don’t know how long I have been here memory wiped at the moon so many times. I came in through those Black Swiss cheese holes I know that much.