War update (Evac earth after death too)

A morning update. These are war crimes and they keep trying to cover it all up. I’m in hell with no women now, in and out of the hospital because no one stops the gang stalker hacking into us.. In fact they are worshipped. They hack into our minds and bodies and degraded the human condition into nothing and that is who is being awarded. #Redmond PD they will never complete the zeugstreg. You are a god damn sell out as a public body Redmond cops, country morons with a badge. 14 years in hell and the impression sticks and lastl, the fools of the USA prefer “my satan” and are in the side of “no love”. That’s permanent now, I give you all to satan (you will be stolen actually) and I can’t stop them and they have infected in Oregon, Washington, and California and Atlanta and there is more they are covering up. #SamePlotToEnslaveEveryManWomanAndChild the gang stalkers refuse to lose and I can’t stop them. So just so you know I don’t want all the kingdoms of the earth either in the same breath I give you all to real satan. I am no satan you dumb fucks who could not turn off their tv’s to save their own souls. The nsa satanism works unplugged with remote power tesla tech they are hiding from the public. They are already nano infecting on a I fear massive scale & trying to cover it up @potus. They are giving nano infections and damning though TV and other media. My roommate billy when he is himself has already been turned, the moron kept watching tv & lying about what was going on between him and world satan, hologram devils of him are here on and off too.

Thinks he’s God or something (possibly VERY literal). Christianity is a lie, they just get reincarnated through the moon however for the conditions of this set up we are only giving rewards that last to 144,000 literal out of 7 billion. I’m one. But again Jesus is a lie, these are also psi ops and full of lie in general, study instant death like electricity or high explosives so nanos don’t mislead you while you are dying and chart a course to the swiss cheese hole exits around the solar system, maybe check out the andromida system. I hear they don’t have nanos or reptilian. I’m not selling you to satan, you will be stolen like I was in grad school. And because of the gang stalking it sticks, you actually “prefer my satan”. That is how I will always think of you USA. Also, #nolove. You prefer no love.