Abuse log: the intend captial murder against me they said

For 5 years the gang stalkers and crooked cops used dark web accessible cell phone apps to attack my body and destroy reproductive rights. They intend to commit capital murder and billy is replanced with a evil shifter demon and his mom that don’t even exist in ultimate reality I was told, they are doing their satanism for the NSA Satan audience. The gang stalkers that showed up to Redmond all serve the Satan that is in Billy and Billy’smom (baby eating reptilian) who get replaced and I still don’t know what they do with the mammals in suspended animation. Deny my satanic top as God, it’s like gang stalkers handelers accessing my mind and body with tech, a cell phone literally. Same plot to ensalve every man woman and child. Redmond PD are all in on it.  Say hi to officer Shadoe Majetich for me.

My website won’t update and I may need to get some help. My Japanese princess TI friend as I on twitter barely live, nothing wrong with her blood either. If they dont stop dishoning the human condition itself with me then we are forced to dail punishmenta that last for ultimatly reality and I never get to talk about rewards that last too. You need to ICE the property FEDs, ect. The international inteligince community must think you are such an embarrassment USA over this in Oregon alone. Know where to find me? Get them off my back, call off the natzis, ect. Get out if my home! Follow the Constitution.