Hey #Redmond #Oregon don’t inigrate (they are tech damning through tvs and nanos)

A generation or so ago, a plot to enslave every man woman and child “of body, mind, and even past one life” was discovered and it cost two brothers and their family dearly.

I’m a slave of the worse kind. All these hackers into my body, mind, home and community need to do to “save me” is leave. The satanic church of the cell phone tower, crooked cop, the chem trail and sadistic, satanic, cowardly, con and parsitic gang of stalkers and handlers need to leave and turn off the slafety systems. It’s some of the worse crime in existence, it’s NOT a feloy, it’s we end the world someday I hope and pray, to stop the AI to human integration. The dark web app programs to torture us, that alone is why there cheat to make sure I don’t love and gang of stalkers are here to take and destroy all I love too. I love a lot of things. You are a such beautiful woman I would be happy to date like any woman in the fine city of Redmond. The psi ops and satanism will make sure a 6 pointer cridential algelic is denied wife, treasure and means to provide.

I generate billions in ecenomic activity just being. That is no exaggeration. And I’m the one being exterminted by meth heads and low life’s of the cosmos’s worst kind. Turn off the media and unplug it if the TV starts talking to provide at you, same with computers.

They stole everything. They think they can steal my identity, reputation and more and the FEDS allow it.

The satanic church of the crooked cop and Lance Burtem Show set to kill, needs to end. Good morning west coast and ALL my love to all the Targeted Individual.