Cowards, cons & parasites swam into Redmond, and I was the only thing good about this, they are no angels! #FreeTimmy

I underestimated targeted individual information security concerns/steps. This is state sponsored satanism. So, the stated punishments from MY heavenly body (channeling) that needs to be discussed. I will take all of the FED for the win Chuck Petri Dishes surfaces correct.

Take the deterrent against attacking me/gang stalking v2k ect. No one should want punishments that last. Also I really did help inspire the newspaper comment sections themselves back in ’04.

Targeted Individuals claiming any of their work can be awkward. It’s the truth tho.

And I won’t love…it’s not my first choice. I’m an angelic, at lest even christians should appreciate me. They don’t. They honor federal devils & international terrorists on my back instead.

They are just making up reasons why you are ALL never saved. Sinner savior isn’t even saved….that is what they used to call me. I am really not much of a sinner & REALLY they are never actually saved. I refuse ALL your woman because of the war crimes. Don’t let them take that out on you negativity (they will anyway). No black goo in the face especially if you are in heaven side. The 4th dimension is not heaven, you don’t want it. You want out the solar system.